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The August School of Guitars online department focuses specifically on teaching students internationally.
I have been teaching guitar and music full time for the past 7 years and have found the potential of the world of online music tuition and skype guitar lessons.
All across the globe aspiring musicians and music enthusiasts are looking for qualified music instructors to help them shape their playing or simply engage in the personal journey of musical discovery.
With the latest advances in technology and the current global village we live in, music education has become available for the most remote places in the world and for those who don't have access to any formal music instructors.
Assistance and education can now be found at the click of a button! Anywhere and anytime!
This notion inspired me to setup my own online guitar school providing primarily skype guitar lessons and skype music theory lessons. It is a personal goal of mine to share my knowledge and teach in a field that I'm exceptionally passionate about. 
As I further my own craft during the course of my masters studies in Jazz guitar at the University of Witwatersrand. I'm also looking to create this platform for online music education, as a means to share what I'm learning and have learned about my craft with people all across the globe. 
Helping people shape their love of music and guitar with proper curriculums and established learning systems.
Frequently asked questions
Q : Is skype guitar lessons as effective as in person lessons.
Yes I believe so! I have taught quite a few students via skype and in person.
I have found students who engage in lessons via skype often learn more indepenence during the tuition process, as they are placed in a learning situation that requires them to pay more attention and set themselves up correctly for practice in and out of the session.
I have also setup a process of tuition online that helps overcome any barriers people may think they will face when dealing with lessons via skype.
The material is recorded and sent via mail  during and after lessons for the students to engage in.
I would only advise against lessons via skype for students younger than 12. Although exceptions can be made based on the child's personal temprament and attention span.
Q : What is required to start the learning online
It is quite simple really.
1. All you need is a webcam,
2. A high speed internet line
3. Access to skype which is completely free and available for most systems
Most webcams used for PC have built in microphones that do the trick for lessons and many tablets can also handle the job as long as they have a decent enough internet connection.
Q : I'm a complete beginner should I rather start with in person lessons before I start with online tuition
No I have a curriculum in place which takes the student from the ground up and everything can be learned step by step through an online idiom
Q : How do I start the process for Skype Guitar Lessons or Skype Music Theory Lessons
Simply fill in my registration form online select the online option for curriculum and I will be in touch shortly.
Alternatively you can email me and I will contact you to get the setup going.
Q : How do payments work for online lessons
Payments can be made via Paypal or Visa, MasterCard etc (Payment options located on the bottom of the page).
An invoice is sent on a monthly basis via Paypal and payment options can be taken from there.
Q : How often do I attend Skype Guitar Lessons or Skype Music Lessons
Online lessons occur on a once a week basis the same as an in person lesson. A weekly time is decided on that suits both the student and myself and time-zones are naturally taken into consideration.  
Please view below for available curriculums for study (Please visit the syllabus section on the site for more details)
Students have the option to study through one of curriculums below, jazz and my personal style specialisation or privately for their own leisure.
Instrument Curriculums
- Rockschool Electric (Guitar and Bass)
- Rockschool Acoustic (Guitar)
- Trinity Plectrum (Guitar)
- Trinity Rock and Pop (Guitar and Bass)
- Trinity Classical (Guitar)
- RGT Acoustic and RGT Ukulele (Acoustic Guitar and Ukulele)
** After successful completion of the correct graded syllabus material above. Students can be further trained to pursue ATCL, LTCL and FTCL tertiary level diplomas in Jazz through Trinity College. 
Theory Curriculums
- ABRSM (Music Theory in Practice Grades)
- Trinity (Theory of Music Grades)
** Online group theory classes are setup based on grade levels. Alternatively private one on one theory classes can also be arranged.
Proposed Fee Structure for 2016 (Payments are made Via PayPal)
Individual session prices
30 min lesson - 12 Euro/14 Dollars (+ - 48 Euro/ 56 Dollars Monthly)
45 min lesson - 18 Euro/21 Dollars (+ - 72 Euro/ 84 Dollars Monthly)
60 min lesson - 24 Euro/28 Dollars (+ - 96 Euro/ 112 Dollars Monthly)
Group session prices (Only available for online theory classes)
60 min lesson - 15 Euro/16 Dollars (+ - 60 Euro/64 Dollars Monthly)
Please note students must be age 12 or older in order to partake in online tuition, the first lesson is also free as a consultation and trial.
Online courses are billed through Paypal and all of the following cards are accepted:
PayPal Acceptance Mark


Anthony Bierman

Anthony has completed a Bmus(Hons) degree at the University of Pretoria majoring in Contemporary/Jazz guitar. He has been teaching all styles of guitar (Rock, Blues, Jazz, Pop, RnB/Soul/Funk, Acoustic, Classical etc) full time for the past 6 years. His currently busy studying and preparing to pursue his masters degree in jazz/contemporary guitar at the University of Witwatersrand. Speciliazing in a modern elaboration of the "lap piano" guitar style developed by Jazz pioneer George Van Eps. His also privately studying classical music theory and composition through the university department working towards completing a licentiate in theory and composition through Trinity College.

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