Tertiary Phase

Tertiary Phase

Campus: Summerhill International College and online

The jazz/fusion syllabus is open to students who have completed the necessary requirements from the electric/acoustic and music reading syllabus's.
The syllabus looks at a fundamental study of jazz/fusion harmony and improvisation. It runs through the harmonic centres approach to improvisation.
This material is based on a university level music program, students are encouraged to finish the advanced levels of the Electric/Acoustic and Music reading syllabus's before moving onto this level.

Syllabus Details:

  • Harmonic centres approach to contemporary and jazz improvisation
  • Melodic Minor Modes, Harmonic Minor Modes, Symmetrical scales (Diminished, whole tone etc)
  • *Aural* Must be able to sing above
  • Chord/Scale Theory
  • Comping studies : developing chord voicings and voice leading
  • Fundamental study of Jazz harmony and reharmonization techniques
  • Jazz/Fusion composition and transcription
  • Chord melody arrangements
  • Lap Piano Guitar Style - Studying harmonic and polyphonic Improvisation for solo and group settings

** Students can be prepared to pursue ATCL, LTCL and FTCL Music diplomas in jazz guitar performance through Trinity Music College.

Additional Material: Jazz theory book by Mark Levine, Reharmonization techniques by Randy Felts, Jazz Composition by Ted Pease, Jazz Realbooks, Aebersold Jazz play along volumes.

Anthony Bierman

Anthony has completed a Bmus(Hons) degree at the University of Pretoria majoring in Contemporary/Jazz guitar. He has been teaching all styles of guitar (Rock, Blues, Jazz, Pop, RnB/Soul/Funk, Acoustic, Classical etc) full time for the past 6 years. His currently busy studying and preparing to pursue his masters degree in jazz/contemporary guitar at the University of Witwatersrand. Speciliazing in a modern elaboration of the "lap piano" guitar style developed by Jazz pioneer George Van Eps. His also privately studying classical music theory and composition through the university department working towards completing a licentiate in theory and composition through Trinity College.

Website: www.augustschoolofguitars.com
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