Terms & Conditions

  1. Invoices are billed for the entire school term, however it can be handled in monthly payments. If a private or school based student wishes, invoices can be sent monthly instead. 
  2. Lessons need to be paid by the due date indicated on the invoice otherwise they are suspended, a necessary precaution to protect the teacher’s financial security. 
  3. The teacher requires 24 hour notice for lesson cancellation. Unfortunately due to the busy timetable of the teacher, replacement lessons aren’t always available. Arrangements will be made as best as possible in the teacher’s capacity to make up the lessons, however only a maximum of 2 replacement lessons per school term can be arranged. 
  4. If the teacher cancels due to unforeseen circumstances the pupil will be refunded for the lesson.  
  5. If a student is performing unsatisfactorily or shows no interest the teacher reserves the right to cancel the lessons with the student. 
  6. A months notice is required for final termination of lessons 
  7. The responsibility to be on time falls on the student, the teacher cannot be held responsible for students coming to class late. 
  8. There is a R50 admin fee in the last term of the year to cover the costs of the annual August School of Guitars concert if a student is participating. 
  9. Students can be prepared to do external exams such as Rockschool or Trinity or they can choose to study privately for their own enjoyment. Lessons are packaged based on the stylistic desire of students for Eg Rock/Pop/Blues/Jazz/Acoustic fingerstyle/classical etc.   
  10. A full syllabus tree is available online on the August School of Guitars website. Progress reports are available based on the online syllabus, so you can see what has been completed. You can refer to the online syllabus to see what needs to be completed to reach the next level of musicianship. 
  11. Please note every student is different and lessons can be tailored for both the serious student and for those who wish to play simply for their own enjoyment, music is multi-faceted and can be enjoyed by all! 
If you have any further queries please feel free to contact Anthony directly.
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